Scared for life!

Not for the faint heartened…

On my adventure to the park yesterday, I witnessed a horrendous act of nature abuse! I felt the need to call the respective authorities… do anything then just walk away. A guilt that will follow me for the rest of my days. I think I might start and activist group in the light of it. I saw. I saw how ducks make babies. I know, the horror. The shame. I just wished they would have made an orderly queue but alas no. My only hope, is Mrs duck has some cute arse babies and teaches them the right way!

When you get more than you bargained for.

As you’ve seen, I have 3 beautiful little girl gerbils. They were happy in their safe and peaceful world. Until I realized that not all was well in gerbilville. Someone was hiding a little secret from me. I love being a gerbil mummy, it brings me much heart warmth and happiness. What I didn’t expect was to be a gerbil Nanna! That’s right you guessed it. A little boy snook through the checks, and I found out the way no mother want to find their child occupying their time. So in a week we will find out if we got more than we bargained for … baby gerbils!