When you start to see yourself differently.

Something I’m bad at doing.

Everyone will agree at some point in their lives they’ve looked in the mirror and though “gosh darnet when did I get this fat?”, or “is that how I really look?”. Or maybe it’s a day out that you felt you looked amazing. Then you look at the photos the day after and “geeeeezzzzzz how did I leave the house like that?”

Now no one can deny this, there’s not one person big or small, perfect or not who can say hand on heart they were happy with their reflection.

But with 5 payments of a very low £999,99.99 this perfecting mirror and camera will show you and the world how you think you should look!!!!

Only if was that simple. And I was such a victim (id be lying if I said I didn’t feel that way now and again)

This is first thing in the morning me, i dont even fix my hair (or wipe of yesterdays makeup eeek)
I’ve been wearing shorts! So unlike me. Again don’t hate it.

But lately I’ve had a change of mind, or eyes?

Only briefly, but more often it’s occurring. I get myself ready for the day, putting my minimal makeup (because i am that basic bitch) throw on my clothes. A rumble here and there about looking flumpy, i will always look flumpy! Then i just go about my day!

Now here’s the kicker, sometimes there is a picture taken for what ever reason. Cause I’m happy with my outfit or when we send our friends a picture to let them know were doing things or coming to visit. (all with in social bubble laws obvs) and, wait for it. I don’t hate it. I’m not fawning over it but i don’t hate it.

It’s not even come from an ‘I don’t care what people think attitude.’ Let’s be honest I’ve never really had that. I’m a soft touch and hate the idea of people having any opinion of me. I just don’t hate how I look lately.

Obviously I wouldn’t mind if something were different if my cookie pouch (stomach) was flat and my trunk legs had a gap. For now, I don’t mind my appearance.

Maybe it’s what happens as you get older, not really being bothered by what greets you in the mirror. So there is hope for all of you out there whose cookie pouches upset them. Or gapless legs get them down.

Now don’t forget your one time offer on the amazingly low priced perfecting mirror and camera. Just for today we will even throw in a freebie of the same workout video that every one else sells that promises you the weight loss!

This is not a self shaming post, I’m very aware I’m not a size 10. I’m OK with that. Its also not a motivational speech designed to make you reader feel better about yourself. This is a, you know what world. I am happy. I am me and reader you do you!

Rolls an all! But the star of this picture is my old man. You can see how long he is.

Ultimately nothing bar sheer acceptance of your own thoughts and body will change how you feel about yourself. Having people scream positivity in your face is not going to stop the gremlins from telling you differently. One day you will wake up and you, like me. Will just hate how you look a little less.

Stay kind (especially to yourself)


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