Long Time No Write!

But I’m back baby.

As i never intended to ever make money from my online ramblings, this gives me a bit of freedom to write as and when i feel it. As opposed to the serious bloggers out with their words of wisdom to help the masses. Being a busy mum in lockdown, how to be more economical in today’s world, following peoples foodie pleasures and well, more than my little insight to a life of the normal. ( haha normal, i know I’m funny!) The guilt still sits there however. To get my little brain working and to get my arse in gear. I never even imagined people to actually read my little site. Alas people do!

Don’t worry, the gremlins haven’t got to me either, i simply needed some re adjustment time to get back into the rhythm of working. Admittedly it was as gracefully as me swimming. 3 techniques all at once and a hell of a lot of splashing! But i got there. Being a kitchen designer has so many rules to remember like the allowance needed either side of a hob and extractor, the allowance from a unit and a wall and the most frustrating part. Explaining to people that they can not replicate their 20 year old kitchen exactly the same. Because Gerald you can’t put your gas cooker next to your window, or expect the units to be the same size. All the time remembering to be a good none grumpy girlfriend. Making time to talk to my sister and my little monster! (niece)

Besides that I’ve been a busy little bee! Baking and crafting to my hearts desire. I was even commissioned for a piece of work!

Here are some snaps of the last few weeks.

Till the next time.

Stay kind,


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